Tuesday, 12 April 2016

7 Benefits of having an Athletic Therapist at your event that you just won't believe!

Today, we are happy to announce that Guelph Performance Therapy will be providing on site Athletic Therapy coverage to the District 8 Boys and Girls Rugby teams in Waterloo Region! 

Some people ask 'why do you need an athletic therapist at an event, the coaches know the difference between hurt and injured'. Some teams think they don't need an Athletic Therapist because one of the coaches has taken a few first aid courses. Others have an off duty nurse, or paramedic, or maybe even have hired St. Johns Ambulance or similar services to be on site. 

So I wanted to share with you seven things that Athletic therapists bring to the table to help keep your athletes safe, during all sporting events, contact or non contact! 

Some of the skills that Certified Athletic Therapists bring to the table to help keep these student athletes safe include:
- Emergency First Responder certification, which means that spinal situations and other severe injuries will be recognized and cared for
- Advanced clinical decision making skills, which means that an ambulance will only be called if necessary, and that pre-ambulance care will be given
- Injury assessment, which means that only players who are fit to play return to to the field, and those who are able to return won't stay on the bench unnecessarily
- Concussion management skills, which means that concussions will be recognized, and that important return to play and referral to medical care information will be given to players, coaches and parents at time of injury
- Taping skills, which means that injuries are given the support that they are needed to be able to play
- Knowledge of the local health care system, meaning that injured players are referred to the correct medical professional for their injury
- Knowledge of sport, which allows for quick decisions, and good advice

Athletic Therapists help keep players safe, keep the game running smoothly, and keep coaches coaching! 

If you need field coverage, and all of these benefits, at one of your events, feel free to get in touch with Alana at Guelph Performance Therapy today! Call 226 - 343 - 6311 or email alana@guelphperformancetherapy.com 

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